Sleeve by Ryo Ishido

Now on iTunes and other digital sources: STORIES OF HOPE - empowering emotional orchestral music that puts you at the centre of your own epic life story, a cinematic triumph over adversity. Featuring strings from the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.
It was a great pleasure for Marie-Anne to contribute 2 tracks to this wonderful multi-artist release. 


Latest Releases

Marie-Anne attended the String recordings by Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra players for her orchestral christmas track 'Winter Spectacle', for the 'Epic Winter Wonderland' album produced by Gothic Storm Music. The entire day at Parr Street Studio was such a special one!

'Arrivederci Rosa' the short film Marie-Anne had the pleasure to score by Flaminia Graziadei, premiered in Rome on July 24, 2015.

Soundtrack for '13th Age' has been released.


Trailer for 13th Age - Behind the Music

Misgivings, Daydreaming and Farewell are pieces Marie-Anne wrote for  The Library Of The Human Soul, Tension and Reflection albums. Recorded using world class string players from the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. 

Omen is a dramatic track Marie-Anne wrote for fantasy game '13th Age' with beautiful live solo violin by Éanán Patterson, mixed and mastered by James Semple.

'The Final Haunting' a film by Flaminia Graziadei released


Poster for the 'Final Haunting' created by Adriana Rosati

Film Score for 'Bee Dee Dee', a short film by Nick Galanides and directed by Flaminia Graziadei, completed


Trailer for 'The Final Haunting' released

'I believe in Monsters' selected for the London Independent Film Festival and Zero Film Festival 2014